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this accurately describes my life.

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Noel Fisher        he's so dumb I love him       

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love the gif        hate the franchise       

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Fiona Gallagher        Shameless US       

shameless meme  » nine quotes

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Shamelss US       

Poetic Justice (1993)

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I love my skin!


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Nick Jonas at a Secret Performance in LA by Galore

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  Anonymous said: i'm so sorry if i sound rude (it's not my intention, i promise) but why do you like ian gallagher so much? i mean, he hasn't had great character development or anything, he's just kind of there


i really don’t know what show you’re watching anon, idk if you’ve finished it or what is going on here but whatever, i’ll make you a list of why i love ian

  • he’s SWEET ok he’s kind and caring and concerned about people even when it’s not necessarily useful for him to feel that way. the scene where he takes svetlana’s baby liam’s old clothes really gets me ok he has every reason to HATE HER and HATE THAT BABY but he’s concerned about it getting cold so he brings it clothes. he has a lot of concern for people and i love that so much
  • he’s also loyal and protective of the people he loves, both his immediate family and the milkoviches. that quote from when he and lip go to find clayton gallagher where ian says something like ‘even though our family is a disaster they’re MINE and i love you anyway’ MEANS SO MUCH TO ME. he loves his siblings so much!!! he almost kills kenyatta for mandy lmao and he puts on a fundraiser for her to have an abortion, he repeatedly sticks up for her when lip treats her like shit. he helps get mickey a job (in the store that mickey’s been robbing repeatedly for like a year lmao ian probably did some serious sweet talking for that to work out) he goes to see him in jail ‘mickey’s going to kill you….. i don’t want him to go to juvie’ lmao ian, he TRIES TO FIGHT TERRY even though terry is literally the scariest human being on the planet and he knows (or at least is beginning to understand) what he’s capable of. 
  • he’s also interesting because he’s simultaneously really sweet and caring and really tough and sometimes rather mean. he broke some kid’s leg, wtf ian. he’s not scared to back down from fights if they’re for a good reason, he’s really tough and pretty fucking scary. i wouldn’t fuck with him. it’s an interesting dichotomy in his personality i think, i like it a lot. 
  • along that vein he manages to be pretty in touch with his emotions and pretty willing to express them while also being tough and not letting people push him around (he plans to go kick the crap out of mickey to get kash’s gun back probably knowing mickey’s gonna wipe the floor with him, and not long after that he comes to mickey’s house because he’s sad and scared about monica and is okay with letting mickey see that and he says ‘i needed to see you’ GOD) ok my point is that he can express his emotional side and is very willing to do that while also taking nobody’s shit which leads me to my next point….
  • he’s a ROMANTIC. he’s a gay kid growing up in a dirt poor neighborhood where he’s never really safe but he someone is a ROMANTIC ANYWAY. MY SON.
  • HE’S SO AMBITIOUS!!!! HE WANTS TO GO TO WEST POINT!!!!!! he has a goal he’ll do anything to reach it and he works his butt off to get there he’s determined to make the best of himself and people make fun of him but he doesn’t care he wants to be an officer. slytherin son. he works so hard. 
  • he also has some really interesting and realistic and tragic negative character traits too, he’s so insecure and has a hard time believing people genuinely care for him and he’s always second guessing people’s feelings for him (‘missed ya’ ‘you did?’ ‘thinks he loves her?’ ‘is she pretty?’ ‘if you gave half a shit about me—’) and that manifests in him finding attention in a really negative way from unhealthy places, definitely as the show goes on he places more and more value in his sexual attractiveness and how that makes people pay attention to him which is so sad to me :(((((( my son :(((((((((
  • he also holds grudges and can be so MEAN, ian is sweet and mean at the same time, i love it, i love him so much. 
  • he’s also FUNNY in such a dickish sorta deadpan way lmao i love himmmmm
  • he’s a canonically gay canonically mentally ill character he could be so much less interesting and i’d still love him a lot for those reasons but the fACT THAT HE’S THIS COMPLEX AND FUNNY AND FLAWED AND WONDERFUL BOY WHO’S GAY AND BIPOLAR IS SO IMPORTANT I CANT EVEN TALK ABOUT HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO ME OR I WILL CRY
  • also he’s so hot wtf cameron monaghan why are you so much younger than me its weird that i’m so attracted to you
  • i hope the show gives time and attention to the fact that his dream of going to west point has been crushed in the upcoming season, i hope he finds something to be excited and ambitious about again and i hope they give due attention to his mental illness. i hope his character arc in the next season is him coming to terms with being bipolar i really really hope they do it due justice because he’s such an important character he’s my fucking son okay my son
  • i’d bash someone’s head in with a baseball bat for ian gallagher don’t try me, anon. don’t try me. 

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YES        Ian Gallagher is my 1        my baby        Shameless US        he must be protected at all costs       

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